Spanish flavoured Americans in The Netherlands

Lucky times for the roughly 200 hundred spectators (and two friendly Police Officers), who witnessed the landing on the narrow back-up runway 24R.  A close encounter was the result, and all the bits and pieces were clearly visible. This Casa was acquired in the fiscal year 1996, making it a 25 year old work horse.  But this is not confirmed as the real identity is still not determined. Spanish flavoured you mentioned earlier? Yes, Casa is Spain all the way, and these aircraft are perfect for the Special Operations Forces. Good payload, rough, tough and versatile. I searched the interweb and found this.... "The 427th SOS operates non-standard aircraft such as the CN-235, flying covert insertion, extraction and resupply missions in support of SOCOM, JSOC and the CIA Special Activities Division. The unit specialises in short take off and landing (STOL) operations. Aside from flying such missions, it also trains STOL techniques to pilots throughout the SOF community." Off course the source is Top Secret. Anyways, the pilots looked like those actors from "Seal Team". All in all a very special visitor.