InnoVfoam; Will they take firefighting to the next level? (Long read)

That’s were companies like InnoVfoam in unison with Milrem Robotics join the party. They are working on a couple of different robotic firefighting systems to aid the fire departments without going near the actual fires. Remote operators can send in Milrem Robotics unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) called the Multiscope Rescue. This device has incorporated various systems developed by InnoVfoam such as foam proportioning systems, sensors, cameras and fire monitors. It will give a whole new faster & safer dimension to clear the problem.


Detection is the main purpose of the UGV to assess risk-levels. A number of thermal and infrared cameras will pinpoint heat signatures and various sensors are able to detect chemical- and gas leaks. The Multiscope Rescue can also be equipped with preventive and repressive systems. It can carry 1200 kilos of extra items like foam or water tanks as well as tethered drones for eyes in the sky. The robots can deliver heavy fire hoses to reach areas and enter structures that firefighters can’t get to. They also can be airdropped during forest fires. The fire monitors can dispense water and foam from 2,000 up to 20,000 liters per minute. According their website, it would be possible to replace firefighters in the future and diminishing loss of valuable heroes’ life. Milrem Robotics and InnoVfoam will stay on top of it and keep on developing to stay one of the leading companies in this area of expertise.




Besides outdoor firefighting, InnoVfoam also supplies custom-made suppression systems for different industries like the offshore-, maritime-, aviation-, storage & recycling branches protecting buildings, storage tanks, hangars, heli-decks etc. against fire. They specialize in technology related to extinguishing systems with foam. All systems are designed, manufactured and installed by licensed employees of whom also perform maintenance and regular checks. At their location in Oudkarspel, the Netherlands, they will do all the research on how to improve your safety in your own unique situation. The foam used has also been developed in-house. It works like a heavy blanket spreading over the fire, cutting down the oxygen levels and dying down the flames within matter of seconds. Impossible for the fire to re-ignite and aerial naturalisation of dangerous vapours.



Johan Koekkoek started InnoVfoam in 2003. Aviation is one his passions and main business. He graduated for his pilot licence and flies ultra-light aircraft out of Middenmeer, the Netherlands. At this moment, he is fabricating a self-built project at the back of his facility, which he will be flying himself. After a rocky start in the early years, better days were coming and the company took off in the right direction. In 2008, he invested in plans for a state of the art new complex. Branding and advertisement was key, customers could experience seminars and live demonstrations on site. Internationally they expanded to Denmark named Dansale-InnoVfoam ApS in 2016. Only a couple a years ago, a helideck was installed on top of the building with an actual SA.360C Dauphin helicopter on it, to gain more exposure. From this deck they can demonstrate extinguish solutions for H1, H2 & H3 type platforms.

  • The history of SE-HLS, (c/n 16 out of 36) dates back to 1977, when it was produced by Aerospatiale in Marignane, France. Based in Gällivare, Sweden in 1981 it took up a role as an ambulance helicopter with Norrlandsflyg providing places for a pilot, a medic and 2 stretchers. It was a very popular helicopter among its crew and hospital staff. After 11 years of service, regulation changes from the CAA ended the role as an EMS helicopter.
  • For the next 12 years, its new role was in the utility works. The Dauphin, or 'Pärlan' as it was referred to by Norrlandsflyg's legendary founder Knut 'Knutte' Hedström, was very well suited for the company's utility operations. It was not only roomy, it was extraordinary fast and powerful as well. The helicopter was frequently used in Norrlandsflyg's seasonal shuttle traffic in the mountain world, with Kvikkjokk as one of its more frequent bases. It served with Norrlandsflyg until the company sold the whole utility business segment (including the Dauphin and three other helicopters) to Kallax Flyg. The deal was a result of Norrlandsflyg's decision to focus fully in its EMS and SAR (rescue) segments.
  • The airframe of SE-HLS was sold to a company in Birsta, Sundsvall, which used the helicopter as a rooftop eye catcher. It showed up at Sweden's largest classified advertising website for miscellaneous item sales ('Blocket') in May 2017, where it was offered for sale by its owner.
  • SE-HLS was sold in June 2017. It found its way to HeliAir Sweden's hangar in Västerås shortly thereafter.
  • In 2018 InnoVfoam placed the helicopter on the roof of the headquarters building and gave it a new paint job portraying the business name and core business with a bubbly design.

Since 2019, when a new “aviation” hangar (called the Research & Development Center) was added to the site, things started to take a massive leap forward. Inside the building there is a Cessna 421 airplane (N5960M) present. Fire monitors are installed in the roof area to simulate real scenarios. The building is used as a demonstration tool to show the quickness of this system. It only takes a couple of minutes before the complete fire is suppressed with Foam.

InnoVfoam has a dream for the future. Quoted from the website; “ We want to make the world a safer place by sharing our knowledge and using the best and sustainable products. Knowledge, quality certificates and safety protocols form the basis of our activities. We cover many fields in which fire safety is essential, including the oil & gas industry, sprinkler technology, offshore, aviation, waste incinerator protection and storage of hazardous substances.”

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