InnoVfoam; Will they take firefighting to the next level? (Long read)
Due to the changes in the environment and radical weather surges in recent years, the risk of forest fires causes major incidents across the globe. Especially California, Australia and southern Europe have been hit hard in the last 5 years...
ようこそ (Yōkoso)!  Welcome to The Netherlands, Japanese Coast Guard!
This Japanese Coast Guard Gulfstream 550 N516GA c/n 5616 arrived at Woensdrecht Airport (EHWO) for conversion work at Fokker Technics. The aircraft will eventually be registered as JA502A, and coded as LAJ502.

Rada Airlines reaching south of the border.
Very few Ilyushin 62's are still operational and even more special is this one. A full freighter version! The operator is Rada Airlines and they have two of them at the moment. EW-450TR is seen here getting ready for departure from Maastricht Aachen Airport.
Spanish flavoured Americans in The Netherlands
Till now already the rarest visitor at Volkel air base was this Casa 235. The Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) operates a bunch of these including 96-6043 seen here lining up runway 24L.